The Magic Of Music


Music is a very popular variety of art and a social or artistic activity that uses the medium of sounds and words to create something artistic that is loved by all. Music uses many types of elements like pitch of the sound, beats, along with pace, meter, expression etc with dynamics and the sonic qualities of the resonance and quality. There are many different types of music that make use of all these elements while some of the forms of music use few of these elements. Music is performed with a wide range of instruments and makes use of different techniques that includes singing, rapping and even sound of solo instruments. Music comes in so many aspects. It is used in movies, albums, rock bands, religious ceremonies and in all the events and functions.

Music is created and carried out because of many reasons. It helps in artistic enjoyment, religious as well as traditional reasons. It is also performed as a product of entertainment in the market. Earlier, music was only accessible in the form of sheet of music scores that was introduced back in Classical and Romantic times. The people who were fond of music used to buy the sheet music of their favorite songs so that they can get entertainment at home. With the arrival of sound recording, popular music records and sheet music turned out to be the foremost way so that people liking the music could benefit from the favorite songs. Later, tapes were introduced in 1980s and digital music was introduced in 1990s which broadened the like towards music. They could make use of tapes and playlists of all the songs that they liked and record them on the portable cassette or in any mp3 cassette. Some of the music lovers even created mixed tapes which included all their favorite songs.

Amateur musicians used to compose music just for their own pleasure and enjoyment. They did not take music professionally and has different source of income. Professional musicians were employed by so many institutions and organizations because music was loved by all and it was their source of enjoyment. Professional musicians even worked as freelancers or part time musicians at certain places where they worked under any contract or session. Amateur musicians often take help and guidance under professional musicians and they even work for them in their contracts. They performed with professional musicians in many types of events, like community bands, concerts or even orchestras.

There is a huge difference between the music that is performed live and the one that is performed at the studio. Live events use music for live audience and recorded music can be distributed in the market or can be broadcasted everywhere. Many times, live concerts are also recorded by many popular artists, and it is converted in the form of CD or cassette for retail market and distribution. These recordings that are done on live concerts are very popular in the form of classical music and rock form of music.


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